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2016 art claims post!

Hey everyone! We've got a smaller number of stories for claims this year, but there's still enough to go around. The five stories we got all look amazing, and we're sure you'll agree!

Now that the deadline has passed, we're putting the summaries up for artists to peruse. The claims don't actually open until Saturday, and please be aware that there might be a few late additions to this list as people turn in fics that have been granted extensions, but we want the fanworkers to have a chance to think about their claims now.

Important note for authors: please do not tell all of your artist friends what number your story is. The point of a challenge like this is to do blind claims, and while people may recognise your story from snippets you've posted or things you've talked about in the past, please don't give them the exact number of your fic. Additional and unrelated note, if your story is missing, or something else is wrong, PM me ASAP so I can fix it.

This post will be closed to comments until claims open on Saturday at noon ET. We will post a notice that claims are opening, at which point we will open up the comments and each artist can claim ONE story. Once all the stories have been claimed, or if there are still unclaimed stories by Sunday 28 August at 3PM, we will allow secondary claims.

When requesting your story, please list your top two choices in the order that you want them. Please list the number of the story and the title (e.g., "#11, Nine Tenths"). Please include both pieces of information. That way we can be sure that we don't accidentally give you the wrong piece because of a typo. The claims will be on a first come, first served basis, and we will do our best to confirm your claim as soon as possible.

Fanworkers, if you are not a member of the comm, please join by filling out the form after you make your claim. If you have any questions, please contact us on our page-a-mod post!

Claims will close on Saturday, 3 September, at 11:59 PM EST. Match-ups will be emailed out after that; it will be up to the author to provide the artist with a copy of their draft at that point. If an author notices that their story has been claimed and confirmed before that point, and wants to send their story to their fanworker before match-ups are sent out, that's fine :)

1. Title: All in the Family
Genre: Gen
Fandom/Universe: Supergirl, Smallville
Characters/Pairings: Kara Danvers, Alex Danvers, Clark Kent. Martha Kent, Lex Luthor. Background Alex Danvers/Lex Luthor
Warnings: None
Rating: T
Summary: Kara's family know how much she loves space so they decide to take her to Smallville, because is the meteor capital of the world. While she's there, she finds something even better than meteors. She finds her cousin Kal-El.

2. Title: Teach Me How to Fight (I'll Show You How to Win)
Genre: What-If, Angst, Slow Burn.
Fandom/Universe: DC Comics, Court of Owls.
Characters/Pairings: Jason Todd/Dick Grayson, Tim Drake.
Warnings: Sexual and non-sexual slavery, brief on-screen violence against children (9 and 10), off-screen conditioning of same children, referenced/implied underage sexual slavery (nothing is shown or discussed in anything more than passing), brief underage kissing between a 16/18 year old (dubious consent due to plot reasons the 18 year old doesn't know), underage flirting/innuendos (16; nothing happens), non-graphic whipping and non-graphic treatment of injuries caused by it, sadism from a minor character and subsequent beating (flogging, this time), and off-screen implied-violent murder of a minor character.
Rating: M (Mature; due to referenced material - see above).
Summary: Dick is taken by the Court after his parents' death to be trained as a Talon. He becomes loyal, deadly, and the Court's primary Talon. At least until he meets a boy from the Court's secondary, darker kind of servant who gets assigned to be his partner, and makes him start to care about things other than serving the Court. Tim, a boy-genius member of the Court, could have told anyone who listened that pairing Talon with the other boy - Jason - was a poor decision, and the fact that the Grandmaster of the Court doesn't listen, at all, is something he's finding less and less tolerable.

AKA : Dick is a Talon, Jason is a pleasure-slave turned into a secondary Talon, and they slowly fall for each other. Meanwhile, Tim thinks the Court needs new leadership and plans a coup, and Dick and Jason would be very useful people to have on his side.

3. Title: You, the Moon. You, the Road.
Genre: road fiction/AU
Fandom/Universe: DCU, Grayson (comics), Midnighter (comics), Batman (comics)
Characters/Pairings: Dick Grayson/Midnighter, mentions of past Midnighter/Apollo, Dick Grayson/Jason Todd
Warnings: None
Rating: NC-17
Summary: M needs a change. He packed up his stuff and took his car with no real direction or plans for the future. After a fortuitous encounter at a friend’s party —where Dick basically crashes into him— M finds himself driving across the country with Dick Grayson on his passenger seat.

Together they embark on a trip to nowhere, with seemingly nothing in common at first, except the desire to keep moving and leave things behind. M is running and Dick just wants to go home. After sharing rooms, late night talks and terrible music they discover things about each other and themselves.

Featuring motel rooms, amusement parks, twenty-four hour diners and calls/texts from Jason.

4. Title: For a Good Time, Call...
Genre: Angst(y), Romance, Friendship, Father-Son Relationships
Fandom/Universe: DCU (comics), preNu52 (1985-2011)
Characters/Pairings: TimKon
Warnings: Extremely Dubious Consent, Implied Abuse/Assault of a Minor, Exploitation of a Minor, Human Trafficking
Rating: M+ (One graphic sex scene)
Summary: Kon-El “Conner” Kent invites Tim Drake to stay with him for a holiday weekend at the family farm. While his grandparents are at church, Kon confesses his love to Tim and they have a very romantic encounter in a cornfield. Tim - still in the field - is woken up hours later by Gpa Kent and finds he is alone and Kon's clothes are still there. They go back to the home, Tim gets cleaned up and has breakfast with the Kents. They wonder where Kon has gone and hear on the radio that Superboy is fighting King Shark in Metropolis.

Months later, the Teen Titans are searching for Kon after Superman and Supergirl have come up empty. Robin and Kid Flash are at a total loss when Ravenger comes in and shows them a picture of Superboy hanging out with Bruno Mannheim. Tim and Supes pursue their only lead, find Mannheim, Kon, and Lex Luthor - fresh from jail. Lex has been exploiting Kon for his own gain and staying one step ahead of everyone to keep them from getting Kon-El back. Tim offers to rent Kon-El out and Lex agrees. He has one week to figure out how to erase Lex's hold over his son.

The next week is full of attempts to "unbrainwash" Kon, while Tim wrestles with the idea of having his boyfriend back when he's not all really there.

5. Title: Echoes of You (I Can't Forget)
Genre: Angst, UST, Action/thriller, Past-Relationships, H/C
Fandom/Universe: DCU, Batman (comics), Red Hood and the Outlaws
Characters/Pairings: Dick Grayson/Jason Todd
Warnings: Child trafficking, references to past child abuse/prostitution, canon-typical violence, non-consensual drug use, references to past character death, mild torture
Rating: M (Mature)
Summary: It's been two years since the Red Hood's attempt to force Batman's hand. Two years since Dick last saw Jason and they shared a spontaneous night of passion neither can forget. So when Jason turns up in Bludhaven - coincidentally working a lead on the same case as Dick - it's uncomfortable for them both. But this particular case is one neither can back down on, so Dick's only choice is to suggest they work together to solve it.

Whether it's decision that will work out for better or worse, only time will tell.

(AKA the one where Dick continuously gets in the way of Jason's murderous tendencies, but things still work out somewhat okay in the end).
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