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18 March 2018 @ 06:58 pm
This bang has been running for over half a decade, and while it has always been very near and dear to my heart, the time has come for me to step away from modding it. My co-mod, shinysylver, has been a tremendous help through the years, but her comics love has always been Marvel-based; as such, she's making some decisions about the future of the Marvel bang, and I'm fully stepping aside from both challenges.

This leaves the DCU Big Bang with no mod. If you are interested in taking over, please PM me here on LJ or email dcubang@gmail.com. I'd love to see someone continue this challenge. Please be aware, though, that it's a lot of work throughout the challenge period, so if you don't have much free time, it might not be the role for you. At the same time, if you're interested in helping shinysylver with the Marvel side of things, please PM her.

My sincere thanks to everyone who has participated in this bang over the years, whether as a writer, accompanying fanworker, or reader. I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have.
02 December 2017 @ 04:31 pm
Title: Toxic Red
Author name: Zillabird
Beta name: Geckoholic and drowning_in_otps
Characters/Pairing: Jason Todd/Dick Grayson
Fandom/Universe: Batman (comics)
Rating: R
Word count: 35737
Warnings: Implied/Referenced Character Death, Implied/Referenced Rape/Noncon, Mind Control
Summary: Crown Prince Richard of Gotham is universally adored by his father’s kingdom. Well, except for his stunningly beautiful but not particularly personable stepmother. In the Queen’s eyes, no one deserves the throne more than her own son, Damian, and like a good mother she’ll do anything to give him the crown. Realizing her manipulations have not worked so far, Talia sends her huntsman, and Dick’s childhood best friend, Jason to dispose of Dick as the only one standing in the way of Damian’s reign on the throne. The battle for the kingdom is waged with blood and magic, and Dick must choose between his kingdom and the man he loves.

Fanworker name: Slice-of-Pai
Rating of fanwork: G
Link to accompanying fanwork master post: http://slice-of-pai.tumblr.com/post/167648028502/art-for-dcu-big-bang-2017-toxic-red-by-zillabird
30 November 2017 @ 10:51 pm
Thanks to all of the great authors and artists who participated in this year's dcu_bang! Posting is now officially closed. We hope you had a great time participating and have found some great things to read and art to enjoy!
19 November 2017 @ 06:05 pm
Posted to Ao3 on my November 12th posting date, but I forgot to make a post to LJ. Correcting that now.

Title: Whatever It Takes
Author name: write_my_dreams
Beta names: Tina, Fae, and Luna
Characters/Pairing: Tim Drake, Ra's al Ghul, Ubu, Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne, Stephanie Brown, Damian Wayne, Talia al Ghul, Cassandra Cain. Pairing : Ra's al Ghul/Tim Drake
Fandom/Universe: DCU
Rating: Mature to NC-17 (Chapter 2)
Word count: 22,272
Warnings: Kidnapping, non-consensual drug use, dubious consent, rape, diseases
Summary: What should’ve been a meeting to discuss business for Wayne Enterprises turns out to be a trap. Drugged, Tim falls into Ra’s al Ghul’s hands. When he wakes aboard Ra’s’ private plane, he learns that Ra’s has unleashed disease across numerous cities to cull the population and keep the heroes busy. Too busy to come and rescue Tim.
Accompanying fanworks:
Fanworker name: shinysylver
Rating of fanwork: G
Link to accompanying fanwork master post: Right here!
19 November 2017 @ 05:44 pm
Title: The Wonder (Women of a New Age)
Author name: navaan
Beta name: pazithi
Characters/Pairing: Peggy Carter/Diana
Fandom/Universe: Wonder Woman (DCEU)/Agent Carter
Rating: Teen
Word count: 17,000
Warnings: war, innuendo, descriptions of canon appropriate violence
Summary: Diana follows her friend Barbara Ann Minerva who vanished ona jungle expedition, but it's only the beginning of trouble that leads her back onto the battlefields of World War II. At the same time Peggy Carter is just getting started.

Read it on AO3

Accompanying fanworks:
Fanworker name: Woad
Rating of fanwork: G
Link to accompanying fanwork master post: Art is here</a<.
17 November 2017 @ 08:32 pm
Fic and art: Young Blood
Author name: Glaciya
Beta name: Socialyawkwardfoxwriter
Characters/Pairing: Jason Todd/Tim Drake
Fandom/Universe: DCU, Batman-All Media Types
Rating: R
Word count: 17,589
Warnings: Some Violence, Blood play
Summary: “I have a job for you. It’s different than your usual work, but you’re the only one I trust to do it.” He finally says. A less intelligent person would have been flattered at Dick’s words, but Jason knows what Dick really means is that the job is dangerous and Jason is the only one he knows who would be the least likely to die.
“What is it?” He asks suspiciously.
“I need you to make a delivery to Metropolis.”
“You’re aware you have the Travelers to do that for you, right?” Jason asks, sending Dick an incredulous look.
“The Travelers have never transported anything this valuable before.”
“Okay,” Jason replies slowly. “Well what is it?”
“It’s a who actually. His name is Tim.”

Fanworker name: Tanekore
Rating of fanwork: G
Link to fanwork::
17 November 2017 @ 11:20 am
Title: Different Kinds of Value
Author name: Skalidra
Beta name: Firefrightfic
Characters/Pairing: Dick Grayson/Slade Wilson, Sladin
Fandom/Universe: Comics, Space/Talon AU
Rating: PG13
Word count: 18.5k
Warnings: None
Summary: When Slade gets hired for a job on the outskirts of civilized space, one of his first steps is to stop by one of the few space stations out this far and pick up a slave from the dealer there. Something pretty and ideally off-the-grid, to serve as a distraction for his target. He gets a little more than he was expecting in the form of a capital-planet slave, bizarrely far away from anywhere it should call home and just disobedient enough to make him interested.

Accompanying fanworks:
Fanworker name: Pentapoda
Rating of fanwork: PG
Link to accompanying fanwork master post: https://pentapoda.tumblr.com/post/167529491998/dcu-bang-art-for-different-kinds-of-value-by
11 November 2017 @ 07:24 pm
Title: You Don't Know Me
Author: My-one-love-is-music
Beta Name: K
Pairing: JayTim, Jason Todd/Tim Drake
Fandom/Universe: DCU, Batman - All media types
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 17,030
Warnings: Depictions of violence
Summary: Jason Todd is used to seeing victims tremble in fear and do whatever it takes to try and make it out of the situation. But when a certain girl is able to fight back and take down her assailants while handcuffed well, he can't help but be just a little intrigued.

Tim Drake is trying to do his vigilante work and sometimes that means going undercover. But when a certain red-helmet, gun-toting vigilante takes notice of him, things start to become more than a little complicated.

Fanworker name: Tanekore
Rating of Fanwork: PG
Link to fanwork: here!
08 November 2017 @ 05:59 pm
Title: Mark My Words (http://archiveofourown.org/works/12665469/chapters/28868997)
Author name: Skalidra
Beta name: Firefright
Characters/Pairing: Tim Drake/Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Jason Todd
Fandom/Universe: DCU – Comics, Batman – All Media Types
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 15k
Warnings: Swearing and canon-typical violence
Summary: The thing is that Tim's known for a while who his soulmate is. From the moment that a 'Red Hood' shows back up in Gotham, Tim knows exactly who the words stamped across the back of his thigh - 'Hey Replacement' - belong to. Not a first conversation, not a last, but a moment somwhere in their lives that Tim has no choice but to wait for. Because really, how else is Tim ever going to convince him?

Accompanying fanworks:
Fanworker name: JayKore
Rating of fanwork: PG-13 (for mild blood)
Link to accompanying fanwork master post: http://jaykore.tumblr.com/post/167286661550/mark-my-words-by-skalidra-drawn-for-the
05 November 2017 @ 10:04 pm
Title: A New Taste of Love (http://archiveofourown.org/works/12641253/chapters/28805796)
Author name: empires, salvadore
Beta name: Volavi, pentapoda, murderousdeer,
Characters/Pairing: Dick Grayson/Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Klarion
Fandom/Universe: DCU – Comics, Batman – All Media Types, Young Justice – Cartoon, Batman Arkham Video Games
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 50k
Warnings: Swearing and canon-typical violence
Summary: Dick and Jason don't think they're in love, but the universe (and Klarion's magic) begs to differ. Featuring: many Dicks. Multi dimensions! SOULMATES? Zero robots. And kissing, so much kissing.

Accompanying fanworks:
Fanworker name: amberdreams
Rating of fanwork: PG
Link to accompanying fanwork master post: https://amberdreams.livejournal.com/529964.html