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So, what's allowed here?
The easy answer to that is: pretty much anything! We're open to slash, het, and gen, no matter your pairing preference. If you want to write Clark/Lex or Jason/Tim, that's awesome, and if you've got a great idea for an epic Batman/Catwoman or M'gann/Conner, that's perfectly acceptable as well. You can base your story off of any medium - so whether you’re a diehard Young Justice cartoon fan, into Smallville, or someone who loves the comics, you can participate! The only thing explicitly not allowed is pedophilia for the sake of pedophilia - if it's a plot point, it's okay, but we're not going to post stories that have sexual situations involving children (for our purposes, anyone under the age of 15). If you have a question about your pairing or specific idea, leave a note in the page-a-mod post, and we'll discuss it with you on a case-by-case basis.

Stories and art have to be new. If you've written something that's 10k already, awesome! That's a huge accomplishment, and we're really happy for you. However, this is a chance to create something new, so if your story has been posted elsewhere, it doesn't qualify for this challenge.

Sequels to stories you've written are acceptable! If you write a sequel, be sure to link back to the original story, so people can read that as well.

What about crossovers, fusions, and AUs?
The only requirement for this bang is that the primary focus of your story be on at least one character from the DC Universe. If you want to write Batman in Ancient Rome or Superman as a new member of the Hawaii Five-0 task force, you are more than welcome to. However, if you want to write a crossover that focuses on Harry Potter being a new member of the Justice League, this is not the place for it. The focus must be on a DC character. Crossovers with other comics fandoms are allowed, but the focus has to be on the DC character.

What are the requirements for fic?
Your story has to be at least 10,000 words, and there's no maximum limit. You can work with a co-author or a group, if you're more comfortable; the word count will be 10k no matter how many authors work on it.

You'll also need a beta reader for your story. If you have your own, that's awesome! If not, we'll be having beta signups as well, so you'll be able to find someone there to work with. This is non-negotiable. You have to have a beta reader. If you want to have more than one person beta read your story, that's fine, too. One is a minimum, not a maximum. :)

What if I've already posted part of a fic? Can I finish it for this challenge?
The purpose of this bang is to unveil a completed piece on your posting date; however, we are okay with you finishing your previously started piece as long as you have not posted more than 2000 words of it and don't post any more until your posting date. Since this bang has a minimum word count of 10,000 words, we are asking that no more than 2000 words be posted prior to signing up so that at least 80% of the fic is new. Please note that the 2000 word limit still holds no matter how long your fic is - even if you complete a 100k epic, you can only submit it for this fest if you've published less than 2000 words of it before signing up for this challenge.

What counts as art?
Lots of things! Traditional art, digital art, manips, and fanmixes (at least 8 songs plus cover art) are all fine. Vids are also an acceptable form of art. If you want to check that what you have in mind is appropriate, leave a note in the page-a- mod post. We'll discuss it on a case-by-case basis.

I'm interested, but I'm not sure what to write.
There will be a prompt post, which we'll link back to when it goes live. Anyone can leave a prompt, and anyone can take a prompt. If six authors choose to write from the same prompt, that's totally fine. If someone wants to mash three prompts together, that's also fine. If someone wants to use half of a prompt, that's fine. Sensing a trend yet? :)

Where can I post my story?
The simple answer to this is: wherever you feel comfortable. If you want to post in your own journal, that's great; if you want it up on AO3, that's fine too. You can put it at Dreamwidth or your personal website or anywhere you feel comfortable hosting it. We don't care about where, but we do care about when: don't post your story - or even parts of it - before the challenge goes live.

Will every story have art?/What if too many artists sign up for the amount of stories written?/What if I want to create for more than one story?
As it stands, we're aiming to for every story to have art with it. If we have five authors sign up with ten artists, well, stories will be double-claimed. We'll work this out to the absolute best of our abilities :)

Can I sign up as an author and an artist?
If you want to, more power to you! That's awesome! However, to forestall the questions: no, you will not be able to claim your own story. The idea is to create a collaborative feel, not to just do things on your own.

Can I sign up to write more than one story?
Sure! You can sign up to write up to two different stories for this challenge. If you do want to write two stories, make sure to sign up separately for both. If you have to drop one or both, make sure to tell us before rough drafts are due so that you don't leave an artist hanging. If you have to drop either story after you have turned in the rough draft, you will be banned from next year's challenge.

What if I can't finish my story in time?
That's fine! We understand that sometimes the muses won't cooperate or life gets too hectic. You are free to drop out of the challenge with no penalty any time before you turn in your rough draft - just let us know. However, if you have to drop out after an artist has claimed your story, you will be banned from participating in next year's bang. We don't want to leave any artists hanging if we can help it.
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