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dcu_bang master list 2012

shinysylver and I want to thank everyone who participated in this year's dcu_bang challenge. It took a lot of hard work from all of our authors, accompanying fanworkers, and betas, and we certainly hit some bumps along the way, but we think it all turned out wonderfully :)

At this point, all of the stories have been posted. There are still some artists who haven't been able to post for Sandy-related reasons, and we'll update this list as those links come in. For those of you ho have been waiting, though, wait no longer! Allow me to present dcu_bang's 2012 master list of fic and accompanying fanworks. (Please keep in mind that this list does not include authors' warnings; those are included with the stories themselves. Please read those carefully before reading!)


Author: somehowunbroken
Title: when the music is gone
Characters/Pairings: Tim Drake, Jason Todd; appearances by Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne, Conner Kent, Selina Kyle, and Poison Ivy; the Joker and Captain Boomerang
Summary: When the planet is shaken by events that are later called the Disasters, every major city in the world experiences what Gotham went through in No Man’s Land. It’s business as usual in Gotham; they’ve been through this before, after all. Things start to get out of hand when Batman is ambushed and brought down; after that, heroes drop one by one as the rogues dig in and tear Gotham apart.

When Dick tells Tim that he’s leaving Gotham, Tim refuses to go with him, knowing that if he stays he can help. He turns to Jason, one of the only tentative allies he has left in the city, and together, they try their best to save a city that it might not be possible to save.
Fanworker name: chibifukurou
Accompanying fanwork master post
Fanworker name: firefox1490
Accompanying fanwork master post

Authors: ariadne83 and somehowunbroken
Title: Fathers, Be Good
Characters/Pairings: Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, assorted Bats, Roy Harper
Summary: The last person that Dick expects to hear talking when he picks up his phone is Jason, who has been dead for years. Except he isn’t anymore, apparently, and Dick can hear a baby screaming in the background as Jason asks him for help. What is there for Dick to do but drop everything and run to help his long-lost brother?
Fanworker name: chibifukurou
Accompanying fanwork master post
Fanworker name: shinysylver
Accompanying fanwork master post

Author: me_ya_ri
Title: Nemesis
Characters/Pairings: Bruce/Tim
Summary: When Bruce comes back to Gotham after his seven year journey around the world, he expects that things will have changed. He's changed after all so Gotham will have too. But he discovers that far more has gone wrong during his absence than he thought could have, including the one person he thought would wait forever for him having moved on in strange and unexpected ways.

Tim has changed during his absence, becoming someone completely different from the boy that Bruce fell in love with. Instead of the steadfast ally he expected Bruce now has a perfect nemesis determined to destroy him utterly.

Finding their way back to each other's sides through the maze of lies and mistaken identities threatens to take more time than they have available as another, much more serious, enemy lurks in the background waiting to destroy not just them but all of Gotham as well.
Fanworker name: tee_sama
Accompanying fanwork master post

Author: airawyn
Title: Little Wing and Big Bird
Characters/Pairings: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd; Nightwing/Starfire
Summary: When Bruce attempts to murder Jason in his sleep, the young Robin goes to his predecessor for help. Nightwing and Robin must work together to find out what happened to the real Bruce Wayne.
Fanworker name: miki_moo
Accompanying fanwork master post
Fanworker name: c2ii
Accompanying fanwork master post

Author: pink_tala
Title: Red Is For Forgotten Robins
Characters/Pairings: Jason Todd, Stephanie Brown
Summary: Jason tracks down a recently deceased Stephanie Brown, find her recovering in Africa before anyone else can think to do so. He wants to teach her, to work with her, for them to be partners. The Robin to his Batman only not exactly. They were both Robin once and it didn’t work well for wither of them. They will be darker, more violent. More Red.
Fanworker name: sweetestdrain
Accompanying fanwork master post

Author: runespoor7
Title: Neither Fate Nor Fortune
Characters/Pairings: Barbara Gordon, Jason Todd, Jim Gordon, Bruce Wayne; Bruce/Jason
Summary: Barbara becomes Oracle, and Gotham's dead Robin is a vampire.
Fanworker name: somehowunbroken
Accompanying fanwork master post

Author: runespoor7
Title: The Queen and the Girl who would be Night (a Gotham fairytale)
Characters/Pairings: Cass Cain, Oracle, Steph Brown
Summary: The Queen of Fables takes over Gotham, and Cass is the hero of this story.
Fanworker name: dylogger
Accompanying fanwork master post

Author: gypsydancergirl
Title: Our Darker Purpose
Characters/Pairings: Damian Wayne, Talia al Ghul, Ra's al Ghul, Bruce Wayne, the former Robins and Damian's clone
Summary: Having effectively turned all of the former Robins into little more than puppets, Talia has once again gained the ability to pull Damian's strings. Trapped by conflicting loyalties to all parties involved, Damian must choose what is still worth saving--his clone's future or all that is left of the past Robins--before he becomes all Talia once wished him to be. Meanwhile, Ra's has not forgotten earlier slights . . . or his errant descendants.
Fanworker name: miki_moo
Accompanying fanwork master post
Fanworker name: c2ii
Accompanying fanwork master post

Author: navaan
Title: Perfect Fit
Characters/Pairings: Dick/Tim, Damian, Alfred, Oracle, Wally West
Summary: Dick Grayson has to deal with fitting into his new role as Batman. Tim is struggling with not being Robin anymore and Damian doesn't make things easy for anyone. Things have changed – but maybe that can be a good thing?
Fanworker name: neptune47
Accompanying fanwork master post

Author: chibifukurou
Title: A Family for Tim
Characters/Pairings: Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Selina Kyle
Summary: Tim is a child of Gotham. He knows the secret identities of half a dozen villains, he follows Batman around with a camera.

He even has a secret identity of his own, as one of Selina's proteges. It's a juggling act hanging out with her and Jason while keeping Batman's secrets., but it's always been worth it.

Then, Jason got himself caught stealing Batman's tires and Tim had to decide if getting Jason back was as important as keeping the fragile balance between villainous protege and superhero stalker.
Fanworker name: c2ii
Accompanying fanwork master post
Fanworker name: ailea
Accompanying fanwork master post

Author: jcolney
Title: The Maltese Thief
Characters/Pairings: Jason Todd/Tim Drake
Summary: In which Jason is a Detective, and Tim is his favorite criminal obsession and case, Jason's fighting to put away the pain in his ass, Tim is fighting to grab whatever shiny things catch his eyes, and both are fighting against the villain trying to use Tim for his own greed.
Fanworker name: tee_sama
Accompanying fanwork master post

Author: codedcipher
Title: Knock On The Sky
Characters/Pairings: Tim Drake, Cass Cain (gen)
Summary: Tim's relationship with Bruce becomes strained after the incident with Capt. Boomerang, mostly on his part. Cass comes home, and he almost feels better. Then Prudence disappears, around the same time as Cricket. Pru's last known location was in Iraq. While there, both are kidnapped by the League, and Tim gets an invitation to train extensively with them.
Fanworker name: scarlettrayne2
Accompanying fanwork master post

Green Lantern

Author: chaoticblades
Title: Dark Adaptation
Characters/Pairings: Sinestro/Hal, various GLs
Summary: Alienated by the new laws the Guardians’ have put in place following the Sinestro Corps War, Hal has left the Green Lantern Corps and joined forces with his former mentor. But while the ring on his finger is yellow, his heart and thoughts are with the Corps he left, now at the mercy of the increasingly tyrannical Guardians. Continuation of Appreciation.
Fanworker name: chibifukurou
Accompanying fanwork master post

Author: minamoto
Title: we have not yet touched the stars
Characters/Pairings: Jillian Pearlman/Hal Jordan, Shane Sellers
Summary: Jillian Pearlman of Earth. You have the ability to overcome great fear.

She's been called plenty of things in her life - Jill, Jilly, Pearlman, Captain, Cowgirl - but Green Lantern is certainly a new one. Jillian Pearlman, from when she first knew she wanted to fly, to when she earns her wings as Earth's newest Green Lantern.
Fanworker name: Arkillian
Accompanying fanwork master post

Justice League

Author: mithen
Title: Mask of the Bat
Characters/Pairings: Hana (girl!Bruce)/Hoshi (Clark); Various medieval Japanese versions of different DCU characters
Summary: Japan lies broken in the aftermath of a war that shook its culture to the core. In the wake of their triumph over the invader Zunou, the ninja Hana and her lover Hoshi attempt to keep the land free of bandits. However, when Hana receives a letter from the capital begging her to return and investigate a series of murders, she finds herself drawn back into the world she left behind years ago. Now she and Hoshi must try to track down a killer while negotiating the stately and formal life of the court in Japan.
Fanworker name: chibifukurou
Accompanying fanwork master post

Young Justice

Author: thoracopagus
Title: the corners of life
Characters/Pairings: Tim Drake/Jaime Reyes
Summary: Tim and Jaime learn to deal with absence, and each other. Slow build Tim/Jaime as part of a character study and origin exploration story. Tim POV.
Fanworker name: kiwari
Accompanying fanwork master post

Author: reefofhappiness
Title: Seclusions of an atoll
Characters/Pairings: Roy Harper/Kaldur'ahm, Garth/Tula
Summary: After everything looks dark and at its lowest for a while, it is surprising the kind of refuge that can be found at those depths.
Fanworker name: meowfu
Accompanying fanwork master post

DC Crossovers

Author: passthepeaches
Title: Crossing the Rubicon
Characters/Pairings: Jaime Reyes/Tim Drake, Milagro Reyes, Original Female Character, Brenda Del Vecchio/Paco Tejas
Summary: Taking place over the course of one year, Jaime Reyes meets a young teen named Sylvia Zapata. A survivor of Drug Cartel violence, Jaime wants to help his new friend any way he can. When Jaime finds out that she is pregnant, he and his boyfriend, Tim Drake, struggle with preparing for fatherhood.
Fanworker name: thoracopagus
Accompanying fanwork master post

Author: josephina_x
Title: Well, At Least Wonder Woman Approves
Characters/Pairings: Conner Kent & Lex Luthor gen
Summary: Conner gets introduced to another kick-ass member of his family (sort of). Annoyance of Superman ensues. ...Well, at least Wonder Woman approves -- she's almost like a surrogate den mother after Black Canary, right? That should count for something.
Fanworker name: ctbn60
Accompanying fanwork master post

Author: lectoreloise
Title: Family, Made by Hand
Characters/Pairings: Slade Wilson/Janet Drake, Wintergreen, Tim Drake
Summary: Janet Drake followed her father into the CIA. Within a year, she meets Slade while out on assignment and that's when everything changed for her. Flash forward a while, Slade and Wintergreen have known Janie for years. But this is the first time they've met her son. Somebody's started targeting Janie's carefully hidden civilian identity, and they had the bad taste to go after her son. You almost have to feel sorry for them. Janie's got her sniper rifle, and Slade's got her back.
Fanworker name: gypsydancergirl
Accompanying fanwork master post

Author: meowfu
Title: Kaleidoscope
Characters/Pairings: Dick/Wally (Birdflash), Querl Dox/Lyle Norg (Brainiac 5/Invisible Kid)
Summary: Due to a major mishap in the lab, Querl and Lyle involuntarily set off a ripple through space and time itself. They escape the lingering effects of the explosion, hurled into the 21st century, where everything has been drastically changed for the worse.

With no Batman and Superman a villain, the Legion that they know is no more, all while metahumans are hunted down to be captured or killed. While Querl and Lyle need to get back to their own time and set things straight again before Earth tears itself apart, Conner must help his team survive as he is the only member of the team with his memories still intact.
Fanworker name: chibifukurou
Accompanying fanwork master post

Author: kyrdwyn
Title: Symbolon
Characters/Pairings: Tim Drake/Roy Harper
Summary: With Lian extremely injured in the Star City attack, and certain former friends more interesting in proving he's relapsed than in helping him, Roy will do anything he can to get Lian the medical attention and care she needs, even if it means ignoring his own injuries and going mercenary, taking any job he can. Hired to steal a dragon's egg, he gets more than he bargained for when the dragon turns out to be a shapeshifting Tim Drake, former Robin and Roy's one-time lover...
Fanworker name: somehowunbroken
Accompanying fanwork master post

Author: darthbatgirl
Title: Baby Mine
Characters/Pairings: Roy Harper (Red Arrow)/Tim Drake (Red Robin)
Summary: Tim finds a baby in his living room one morning. With Roy's help, Tim discovers that the baby is his and Roy's. This discovery leads Roy and Tim down a path that will bind them together forever.
Fanworker name: hamimifk
Accompanying fanwork master post

Authors:saphire_dance and daggerpen
Title: With One Piece Missing
Characters/Pairings: Connor Hawke/Jason Todd, Dinah Lance, Mia Dearden, Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne, Barbara Gordon, Helena Bertinelli, Oliver Queen, Roy Harper, Lian Harper
Summary: When, several months after the events of Cry for Justice, Jason Todd, Bruce Wayne, Tim Drake and Barbara Gordon each receive strange files from an unknown source, the various members of the Batfamily launch investigations that raise more questions than answers. Who is their mystery informant? Why is someone kidnapping specific people from around the world? What is the mystery gene that unites them? What does this all have to do with Black Canary's and Huntress's investigation into an Intergang human trafficking ring? And, most important of all- is Lian Harper still alive?
Fanworker name: adrian_chan
Accompanying fanwork master post

Author: honeybearbee
Title: I don't want to forget how your voice sounds
Characters/Pairings: Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent
Summary: Bruce Wayne comes to Smallville to visit his old friend Lex Luthor and to follow up on some rumors of strange activity in Metropolis. Once there, he meets and falls in lust with Clark Kent, not knowing that Clark is only sixteen. Can they both work through their issues to make the budding relationship work?
Fanworker name: shinysylver
Accompanying fanwork master post

Other Crossovers

Author: croik
Title: Elliptical Orbit
Characters/Pairings: Bruce Wayne/Tony Stark
Summary: Bruce Wayne may be the richest man in Gotham, but he's far from being the most liked. Of the few people that can claim know him well, one of them is Tony Stark. Ever since meeting as kids, their strange, tumultuous friendship has carried them through all the major milestones of their lives, from childhood revelations, to troubling times overseas, to becoming superheroes. It's rarely easy. Most of the time they won't even admit to liking each other. But they just can't leave each other alone.
Fanworker name: mementis
Accompanying fanwork master post

If you notice any mistakes, please let us know :)

We'll be posting a reaction and thoughts post later this week, so please think about anything you'd like to say. This can be as a participant or as someone who enjoyed the works posted this round.

Thanks again, everyone, for making our inaugural year such a success!
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